Research Methodology

The methodology of a research proposal is also crucial to the research proposal’s success. A Research methodology section is quite simple: it outlines how one will collect data, what design to use, how one will analyze the data they have collected and in what ways they attempt to use said research to prove their larger point.

Pertaining specifically to a research proposal, the methodology section should also contain the context in which a paper is being written.

One must also acknowledge the extent to which the argument they are making is relevant in a research proposal’s methodology section. When writing this component of a paper, it is thus prudent to justify to what extent the results could bear on society or the academic community from which the paper may attract.

These are all core aspects of the methodology section of a research proposal. If you would like a research proposal from our company, or coaching on how to come up with one, trust our writers’ competency in crafting these articulate, albeit brief documents.

In our assistance with your Research Methodology, we will assist you in;

  • Determining the best Research design
  • Determining the Research Procedures
  • Coining the Sampling Design
  • Determining Ethical Issues
  • Design of Research instrument such as Questionnaire
  • Determining Data analysis methods suited for your study.

We work with you throughout the proposal development to ensure that your input is wholly incorporated in the process.